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Urgent Help Needed for Monica

Late last year, LWB welcomed 10-month-old baby Monica to our foster care program. This beautiful and tiny little girl quickly settled into family life outside the orphanage, playing peek-a-boo with her foster mom and drinking lots of bottles-on-demand.

Late this spring, we learned from the foster family that Monica was having some vision issues. She was squinting a lot and wanting to be held and rocked as much as possible.

The orphanage arranged for Monica to be seen at a local hospital, where they diagnosed her with glaucoma. At the end of May, she was put on glaucoma drops, which her foster mom patiently gave her each day.  At first, it seemed like Monica was beginning to feel better.

Monica’s eye continued to swell, however, and we learned just a few days ago that she has been diagnosed with retinoblastoma. This extremely rare and malignant eye cancer starts in the retina at the back of the eye, and if not treated quickly can be life-threatening.

Monica has been moved to one of the best eye hospitals in China, where we were told last night she needs immediate surgery to remove her right eye and begin chemotherapy.  Her eye swelling has progressed so aggressively and quickly that we aren’t going to show it publicly, but we can assure you this little girl needs our help right this moment.

LWB will be covering the cost of her surgery and the first round of chemotherapy. We are asking this amazing community to please consider a donation of any amount to help her get the medical care she needs.  Her right eye will definitely be removed, but surgeons aren’t positive yet if the left eye will also need to be taken out.

As the fight to save Monica’s life and her sight begins, we would appreciate every good thought being sent her way,

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