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Urgent Medical Funds Needed

Just this week, two tiny babies came into our care who require urgent medical attention.  We are so grateful to be able to help these little ones receive the life saving surgeries and medical treatment they need.  However, we are only able to provide hope and healing to these vulnerable children because of support from you, our amazing donors.  Right now, we are in real need of emergency medical funds to help babies like Paxton, Violet, and Andy.


Paxton’s story is one that illustrates the difference love and specialized care can make to a child.  He was so undernourished when he can into our care, but he is currently gaining weight in our Anhui Healing Home.  Paxton is making great progress now and will be able to receive surgery for his cleft lip in the near future.


Precious baby Violet is just two months old.  She has a large VSD, and her orphanage reports that she is very sickly.  She urgently needs heart surgery.


And then there is little Andy, from a very rural orphanage with very limited facilities.  He has a heart defect and was just recently abandoned.  He’s estimated to be only three weeks old.  Andy will be evaluated and a treatment care plan will be established for him as soon as possible.

This week, Love Without Boundaries has had the privilege of being the featured campaign at www.sevenly.org/LWB.  We appreciate Sevenly and the important work they do to raise awareness and funds.  For only a couple of remaining days, you can help provide these much needed medical funds through your purchase of a fantastic tee shirt, print , bag or even swaddling cloth.

Each purchase provides $7 of support to LWB and provides you with a stylish and unique product.  Please consider supporting LWB during the final days of the campaign by visiting www.sevenly.org/LWB.

Thank you for your continued support of LWB and the children we serve.  We can’t do it without you!

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