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Val: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

On January 4, little Val came to stay with us at our Heartbridge Healing Home. She had just finished a round of IV pneumonia medication and needed some tender loving arms wrapped around her to talk sweetly and hold her close while rocking her to sleep.

Val 1.16

Life was tough for this little one, then ten months old. Born with a heart condition and Down Syndrome, Val struggled to pack on the pounds. She needed some extra weight on her tired little body in order to be able to fight her way through her much-needed heart surgery.

Val 4.1.16

Often babies with Down Syndrome carry that extra complication of needing heart surgery to thrive, and Val is no exception. Over the last three months she has struggled to gain those ounces. Yes, OUNCES, never mind pounds.

Lying quietly is almost all she has energy for, but her nanny has teased and loved on her so much, and finally we see a little girl TRYING so hard to reach out and hold a toy, roll over, and even smile. Yes, that smile makes it all so worthwhile, doesn’t it?

Val square 3.16

Just this week, Val will have her final post-heart surgery procedure, and she has now been discharged back to her very own nanny in our Heartbridge Healing Home.

Val 2.14.16

Please keep her in your thoughts as she recovers, and let’s watch her finally have the energy and oxygen in her body to totally thrive.

Val 2 3.16

If you want to be part of her healing, we would be so grateful as Val is in need of sponsors!

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