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Vicki: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

When our Foster Care Director Arlene Howard was visiting Fuyang this past week, she was expecting to visit with a child named Betsy and her foster family.  However, she was surprised when a tiny five-month-old girl was presented to her wearing a darling pink bonnet.  The local orphanage requested that we take this sweet girl into our foster care program as well, and we agreed.

Little Vicki has a club foot but seems healthy otherwise.  When we laid her down, Vicki was busy looking all around, happily kicking her legs and wiggling her toes. She was quite alert and interested in us.

We have encouraged Vicki’s orphanage to submit her adoption paperwork as soon as possible so she will have a chance for a forever family.  In the meantime, Vicki needs three sponsors to cover her monthly expenses in foster care.   Sponsors will be able to follow her progress as she continues to settle in with her new foster care family and will receive monthly reports and photos.

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