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Visit to Loudi Foster Care

Returning “home” to Loudi …. yes home what a strange paradox that is for me but somehow it is part of my very soul?? Anyway on this return trip I got to spend 2 full and very active days in this city including a visit to the more rural areas (more on that in another blog!)

I was accompanied by a woman from Maine USA who too is a “Loudi mom”. She brought with her the skills of Physical Therapy and I stood back and watched as she blended with the local PT team and together they worked on the children. I know she will tell you again of her amazing time. For now I’ll focus on the Foster Care and the children there.

I met Quinn who for more than 2 years now has wormed a special place in my heart. Only 2 month younger than my Loudi girl I have watched him grow and sparkle. It was so good to be able to hug him again. I asked him if he remember my previous visit and it seems he did … I certainly got a glow out of that! He is receiving some help also from LWB education and on receiving a little book sat down to fill in the Math questions. We sat in his foster home for near 1 hour and chatted about various items in the program and all the while I was conscious that just like a visiting Aunt I observed his activity and that of his foster sister swing from engaging a visitor, to play, to bringing me back into “his” play world. It was a special time where I was just one of the adults in his life … not this stranger from across the world. It felt so good.

We also visited the smaller children in the program – having our PT there certainly helped all as we checked and worked out my particular physicals/medical needs. To have this privilege to visit with these families is something I always appreciate so much. The local “colour” is market life with eels and frog etc for sale. We also pass green vegetables salted and air drying – in fact even window boxes with veg growing. So much to look at and soak up! After the visits were over I was thrilled when we all met that lunchtime for a banquet. I had received many hugs from them in their homes and now we could eat together. Family joined around the table. Even our famous “Nana” was able to make it! Yes life is good!

Julie Flynn Coleman
Loudi Foster Care Coordinator

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