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Visiting Duyun

Love Without Boundaries was invited to visit Duyun, Guizhou in March. This beautiful area in southeast Guizhou is home to the Buyi ethnic minority group, whose villages are almost always located near rivers and whose homes are traditionally made of stone. This region of China is famous for the Libo wilderness area and is filled with rivers, waterfalls, and forest covered mountains.

The current orphanage is a small older facility located in the countryside, and the government is almost finished with a brand new social welfare institute that was built right in the city of Duyun. This facility could house over 1,000 children, and a road is being built so the children can walk easily to the nearest school.

We really enjoyed our time meeting the orphanage director, who told us about his Buyi heritage and his hope to have as many children as possible moved into foster care in the city of Duyun. After a really wonderful day playing with some of the kids, we were very happy to come to an agreement on beginning an LWB foster care program here.

The director had told us that they had filed paperwork on almost 20 children but that only one had been chosen for adoption so far. We are hopeful that through this new partnership we can work together to prepare as many children as possible for a healthy transition to permanent homes.

Before we left, we enjoyed having some fun with bubbles with these kids. No matter where you go, bubbles are a universal joy!

~Amy Eldridge, Executive Director

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