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Visiting Heartbridge

A visit to our Heartbridge Healing Home is always a treat, and last month’s visit was no exception. The children there, who once were very weak and fragile, are thriving. You would never suspect from looking at and playing with these children the odds they have overcome. Attentive nannies, quality nutrition, and lots of TLC make an unbeatable combination!  Here are some of the beautiful faces from our visit.

Adrienne, seen above, babbled away to us, probably telling us about the great care she has received at Heartbridge. She is a smart and beautiful baby, and we hope her adoption paperwork will be done soon.

Adorable twins Max and Matthew will be heading home with their new family very soon. What a lucky family!

Sweet Brody is very tiny but is growing. He is normally a happy, smiley baby but has had a setback since we returned. He will need to have surgery to repair a herniated colostomy. We send him best wishes and prayers for a successful surgery and speedy healing.

By now, Hannah has already joined her new family. We were so happy to get to see her one last time before her family arrived a few days later. We wish her and her family a lifetime of happiness.

Marisol continues to charm everyone around her. She looks so sweet asking for more cookies, but don’t let that fool you. As soon as you give her one, she wants another… and another… We are so happy to see Marisol being such a feisty, busy girl.

Delyth has come so far. From a tiny, malnourished baby, she is now a beautiful and engaging young girl.

Oh-so-handsome Jeffrey is a big brother to the younger children and is becoming more active.

Anthony is turning one year old next month. He is a busy, happy little guy and likely will be graduating to foster care soon. We hope he also will have his adoption paperwork submitted very soon.

All of these children have come so far, and their incredible progress would not have been possible without generous sponsors, caring nannies, skillful doctors, and the care and concern of individuals around the world. We are honored to join with you as a part of their stories of healing and look forward to new, untold stories for more children in future months and years.

~Sheri Russon, Administration Director

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