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Visiting Our Lu’an Foster Care Children

On April 17th and 18th, 2009, Gina Hall (Lu’An Foster Care Assistant) accompanied me to visit the Lu’An Foster Care Children.

As always it was a joy to see the children and since they all know me quite well by now, it was even more special to be met by broad smiles and hugs.

We are pleased to report that the children all seemed happy and well cared for. There is so much love between the foster parents and the children….

We visited 2 little girls in their new school. It was so funny to see our 2 girls stand up beaming while the rest of the class dived under their desks screaming! So many times during our 2 days in Lu’an we saw the LWB foster children acting up for the camera and so obviously posing for the best photo opportunity available whilst all the neighbouring children were hiding.

But poser of the day photo has to go to Rachel……

One little girl has recently received a wheelchair and she was quick to show us how she can zoom around in it.

It was touching to visit a home and see 2 non-special needs children so lovingly fussing over by their older sister. The sister was 15 years old and she proudly helped her mum answer all our questions about the 2 little ones, whilst constantly rubbing their faces and smiling at them.

There are so many wonderful stories about the homes, the families, and schools. We’ve created a slideshow to help share these stories with you — Please go to, http://snurl.com/h417t ,for some great photos!

So on behalf of the Lu’An Foster children I would like to thank all our sponsors who make the foster care possible and all our donors who so generously give soft toys, toy cars, legos, hair clips etc for the children as presents. Without you, none of this would be possible. And as someone who has just been there to see for herself, I would like to say how very grateful to each and every one of you I am.

Arlene Howard is the Love Without Boundaries Lu’An Foster Care Coordinator

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