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Vivienne: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Coined by 16th century poet John Donne, the expression “No man is an island entire of itself” can well refer to foster care, or any one of our programs. Though distinct entities, our programs are tightly connected and work closely together to achieve the best possible outcomes for each and every child that we care for.


Not yet one year old, Vivienne is a wonderful example of not two but three programs connecting and communicating to care, nurture and love her. Born prematurely, Vivienne was a tiny, fragile baby when our Medical team facilitated necessary hospitalization.

She fought to live, gained weight and was discharged into the care of our Anhui Healing Home, where our nannies lovingly nursed her to good health.


With each passing month she put on weight and opened her eyes to the world. Her cheeks filled out and she gained a chin or two. And last month at seven months of age she moved into our Zhang Village foster care program.

Vivienne3 4.15

It does not take much to fall in love with this beautiful baby! It is clear that her foster family are smitten with her, and already she has formed a close bond with her foster father. During her time in our Anhui Healing Home, Vivienne had begun babbling, so it was wonderful to read in her first foster care report that “she babbles excitedly when she is being taken outdoors for walks” and that she “takes the initiative to communicate or show she wants hugs.”

Vivienne2 4.15

Vivienne needs and will get hugs and love and nurturing in her foster care family. But she too is not “an island”. She needs her foster family and she needs sponsors to support her foster care placement. We welcome you to connect with Vivienne as her sponsor and watch her blossom!

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