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Vivienne’s Second Chance

Back in August, we were contacted by an orphanage who had just taken in a tiny preemie baby weighing just over 1 kg. We rushed little Vivienne to the provincial children’s hospital, where she was admitted to the NICU and placed on oxygen.


Within days, it was clear that Vivienne was such a little fighter! She began gaining weight almost immediately, and each time our hospital manager would visit he would write that she was getting stronger and stronger.

Vivienne in the NICU

Vivienne spent just under two months in the hospital and then came to live with us at the Anhui Healing Home (AHH). She of course spent most of her time sleeping in the beginning, which was so important for her growth. As a preemie, one of her biggest tasks was simply to put on weight so she could develop the skills of other babies her own age. But she still would charm the nannies by giving them sweet little smiles in her sleep.


In just her first month at AHH, Vivienne gained over two pounds, and then she started opening her eyes a lot more to peek around at her caregivers.


To conserve her body heat, Miss Vivienne sported a hat almost 24/7, and we think you will agree that she completely rocked the look.




We got so many photos of her in hats that when we suddenly received pictures of her without them, we couldn’t believe how much hair she had grown under there!


Vivienne has become a very social little girl. She loves to be held and likes babbling with her nannies. She especially loves being able to watch all the other babies in the home. Vivienne is now the picture of health and will be graduating to LWB foster care after the Chinese New Year!


We are so grateful to everyone who supports LWB, as your help is what allows beautiful children like Vivienne to get a true second chance. Just this week, we were asked to take in another tiny preemie who was found in the cold. With your love and support, we hope tiny Callie will have the same story of hope as Vivienne.


It is when we work together that the most wonderful things happen for the kids!

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