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Volunteer Spotlight: Sheri Russon

Back in 2003, when our work with orphaned children was first getting started, I posted an email to many of the adoption e-lists asking for assistance and ideas on how to bring more aid to the children.

One of the very first people who responded was Sheri Russon, who wrote the following in her email from ’03:

I too feel like my life’s calling is to help children needing families, particularly those in China. I know that is my strongest desire and I am trying to find my niche of what I can do.

Sheri most definitely found her niche as everyone who works with LWB now says she is an absolutely essential part of our team. Sheri has taken on more and more responsibility over the years, and is now part of our Executive Team as the Administrative Director for Love Without Boundaries. She works daily to keep things running smoothly. We thought you would enjoy learning a little more about her.

1. How did you first become involved with LWB?

After my husband and I adopted our first daughter from China and we had the opportunity to visit her orphanage, I was consumed with wanting to give something back to help the children remaining in the orphanages in China. I learned of Love Without Boundaries, closely followed their efforts, and volunteered the first time I saw the chance. One small volunteer assignment and an all-consuming passion quickly turned into a full-time role with LWB.

2. What has surprised you the most about working with LWB?

One of the most surprising, and wonderful, things about working with LWB is seeing all the people that come together to help children in need. From our supporters, to our China staff, to our volunteers, to our many friends—all from varying backgrounds, of different beliefs, and with unique talents—–each provides care, kindness, and support, which allows LWB to help many, many children.

3. What do you wish other people knew about LWB?

I would like people not familiar with LWB to know of the heartfelt commitment and dedication of each LWB volunteer and supporter that allows LWB to help children in so many different ways. I think many people would be surprised to learn of the depth and breadth of LWB’s programs.

4. What would you tell someone thinking about volunteering with LWB?

I would tell anyone thinking about volunteering with LWB, or with any other worthwhile cause, that each person can truly make a difference.

5. What is your most memorable experience while you have volunteered with LWB?

One August day a few years ago, I sat down at the computer to start my work day. Unbeknownst to me, a plea had been sent out for our new “Mama’s wish” education program. Many, many donations were waiting in my inbox and continued to come in throughout the day as LWB literally funded this new program, enabling high school girls to obtain an education, just days before the new school year started.

6. Can you share a little about your family with us?

My husband and best friend, Tom, have seven children ranging in age from 22 to 4. Our three youngest children were adopted, with two daughters being born in China and one daughter being born in Malaysia. We value our family and our faith above all. We have witnessed literal miracles in our own lives and in the lives of others through the wonderful blessing of adoption.

Amy Eldridge
Executive Director

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