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Vote Now to Help LWB and Baby Tai

LWB has an opportunity to win $35,000 from Cookie Magazine and Citi, and we need your help so babies like little Tai get a second chance.

Isn’t he just so sweet? He was born with his bladder on the outside of his body. He needs a highly specialized surgery that will repair both his bladder and hips. Doctors in Hong Kong have donated their skills to be able to help him, but we need to raise money for his hospital costs. Winning this contest would help baby Tai and so many others in need.

Can you take two minutes today to cast your vote for LWB to give little Tai a second chance at a healthy life?

Simply visit http://www.cookiemag.com/magazine/sweeps/smart_cookie_finalists09/entry/long/

Click on the circle next to the video about LWB. It is the first one, next to Amy Eldridge’s photo.

Fill out the rest of the information needed and click submit. You do not need to fill out the “about you” section if you do not wish, and you can opt out of receiving any information in the future from Cookie Magazine by checking “no” on the boxes asking which information you desire.

Each person over the age of 18 is allowed one vote. This contest is open to people in the US only, unfortunately. If you live in another country, you are not able to vote. Voting takes place from January 6th to February 10th.

Please forward the contest information to all of your family and friends and other yahoogroups. Together, we can win the contest and change many more orphaned children’s lives. Thank you on behalf of baby Tai. Truly every child born deserves to know love.

Karen Maunu
Medical Co-Director

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