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Watermelon Kiddos


An unusual little craze sweeping China this summer is all about watermelons.  Not just eating them like Cora from Changzhi Foster Care, above, but watermelon toys and even dressing up LIKE a watermelon.  Yep!  You read that correctly!  It all started with one little boy being photographed by a news team wearing overalls carved from an actual watermelon and spread from there.

Here is Gaby from foster care in Henan province wearing her own watermelon overalls.

Gaby cropped

It makes us happy to see that the kids in our care are trendy watermelon kids, too!  Check out Paxton from Anhui Healing Home sporting a new smile AND a new watermelon ball.

Paxton Watermelon

We are so grateful that these kids are loved and cherished by their care givers and foster parents.  Here is Cadence, from LWB’s Zhang Village Foster Care Program, looking the very picture of summer in gingham and watermelon.


What we see behind every photo of a child with their special watermelon toy or cute melon outfit is a caregiver that wanted to bring this child joy and help them feel connected to the larger world.   These caregivers must surely feel proud of these kids.

Mallory Watermelon

Most importantly, it’s wonderful to see these children blossom and grow strong and happy from all the nurturing and love.

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