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We have our first graduate!

Graduations can be bitter sweet, especially for the parents involved. Having just gone through three of my own this year, I know! The goal that you’ve been eagerly anticipating is finally reached, and then you turn the page to a new chapter. Shannon was one of the first two babies to arrive at our home, a mere three months ago. Look at the change in her! She has always been a sweetheart, but now she has a cute little rosebud smile to go along with her personality.

Shannon at the beginning of March…and a week ago!

She is off to her new foster family in Dingyuan now. We are sad to see her leave, but know we must let her go. She’s graduated, we’ve done our job in the home to bring her to this moment, but it’s not easy to say goodbye. Here is what our home manager said in his email this morning:

Shannon was sent back to Dingyuan today. We all hugged her and parted with mixed feelings. She is our precious. We love her and feel bad sending her away, however we also feel happy for her, for she is going to have a new life with a new look. Here are the photos taken this morning.

Speaking of photos…just like at any graduation there were a million taken of Shannon! I think everyone wanted to have a picture to remember her by. Here are just a fraction of the pictures I have .

Shannon and Zhang Ming

Shannon and two of her nannies.

Shannon saying good-bye to Paddy

While we are on the subject of graduations, I’d like to share my stateside graduates with you too!

Brian beginning life in the “real world” after graduation from law school.

Caitlin finishing her college career and beginning seminary in the fall

Kevin, moving on to elementary school and

the big yellow bus with his brother and sister!

Graduation is a time of moving forward, for the graduate it’s an exciting time of life. We rejoice with Shannon as she begins the next chapter of her life in her new foster family. She is still being cared for by LWB, so we know she’ll be in good hands! Congratulations Shannon and best wishes for a happy future!

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