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We Love You Nana!

No trip back to my beloved Loudi Foster Care program would ever be complete without a sit down in “Nana’s” home. This wonderful woman who has nurtured so many foster children is no longer a foster parent, but time is always made for that welcome visit. This time I had another LWB volunteer with me, Melissa our Loudi PT coordinator, who was on pins and needles with excitement to meet our legendary foster mom–a woman with fun, laughing eyes and so much love for the children. I had a special book to show her:
a copy of LWB’s “Love’s Journey 2: The Red Thread” was tucked into my bag so that I could convince this wonderful lady of how the world now knows of her gentle, selfless nurture.

She quickly brought out a small table and laid it with biscuits for us, clicked on the kettle for tea, and then, with such warmth in her eyes, looked over the book She, I think, was finding it unbelievable that she should appear in this glossy, beautiful book. I hugged that woman yet again and thanked her for being her. I sent her the love of the children now adopted to their great and super Nana!

You can read Nana’s story on page 83 of the book and are sure to love all the other wonderful photos and stories on the over 250 pages in this book as well. If you don’t yet have a copy, ordering information can be found at http://store01.prostores.com/servlet/lwbshop/Detail?no=47 . All proceeds go to help the children in China in LWB’s programs.

Julie Flynn Coleman
Loudi Foster Care Coordinator

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