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We Stand With Families: Celine

Celine’s mother wrote to us pleading for help for her only child.

“I am kindly asking you to help save my baby’s heart,” said Nassiwa.

Celine began showing signs of distress immediately following her birth in January of this year. It has been an extremely difficult time for her mother. Celine is frail and sickly, and when she was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot at three months old, her father abandoned his family.

Doctors said that Celine needs open-heart surgery to be healed, but no such treatment is available in Uganda.

Celine’s mom Nassiwa works at a hotel. She has saved her earnings, borrowed from family, asked kind (and not-so-kind) strangers for donations, and even tried getting the word out about her daughter’s need for help through the local newspaper and on the radio. After paying for her baby’s hospital costs, Nassiwa falls far short of the amount needed for heart surgery outside of the country.

Nassiwa wrote us this week with an update, saying that she is afraid Celine is becoming weaker. Her growth has slowed, and her breathing and color are very poor when she cries. Celine needs to receive her life-saving surgery as soon as possible.

We are proud to stand with Celine and her mother and help her to receive the treatment that she so desperately needs through our Unity Initiative. Will you stand with us?

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