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We Stand With Families: Mary Martha

When we first learned of five-year-old Mary Martha earlier this year, she had become so weak from her complex heart defect that she could no longer walk for more than a minute or two at a time.

Mary Martha’s life was truly in danger, and her mother was desperate to find help.

Surgery in Uganda was not an option for Mary Martha due to the severity of her heart condition (Tetralogy of Fallot), so when she was accepted for surgery in Israel, we all celebrated.  We were able to quickly get her a visa and make travel arrangements to get her to Wolfson Medical Center. Mary Martha had heart surgery just days after her arrival there.

Her cardiac repair surgery was a complete success, and she spent several weeks in Israel recovering. Although Mary Martha’s mother was unable to come with her to Israel for medical reasons, a family friend accompanied her and reported on how she quickly made friends with the other patients. She told us about Mary Martha discovering what it was like to have an appetite — and how much she could eat following her surgery!

At last, it was time for Mary  Martha to return home to her mother’s loving arms.

And that is what our Unity Initiative is all about:  making it possible for children to get the life-saving surgery they need while remaining in the loving arms of their family.

Mary Martha is now strong enough to attend school with other kids her age. Teachers tell us that she is a spunky and enthusiastic student, ready to take on every challenge.

We are so proud to stand by Mary Martha and her mother. Will you stand with us to help another child in need of heart surgery?

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