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We Stand With Families: Oliver Then and Now

Last year, the hearts of everyone in our LWB community were touched by the plight of Oliver, a little boy born with Down Syndrome. He was adored by his family, who became alarmed by his frequent coughs, breathing distress, and blue lips.

Doctors diagnosed Oliver with a severe heart defect. but the hospitals his mom reached out to for help all said they wouldn’t take his case due to his special need.  His mom refused to give up, however, as she believed her son was worthy of being healed.

Thanks to LWB supporters, we were able to say YES to attempting surgery on her son’s heart through our Unity Initiative. This medical program was created to support families who want to stay together despite dire medical circumstances that might impel them to separate.

When she learned that LWB supporters had funded heart surgery for Oliver, she was so grateful that her precious boy had a chance for a healthy life.

Despite a lengthy recovery, Oliver’s mama was with him every step of the way. We gave thanks that his repair was a complete success.

Fast forward to just last week when Oliver celebrated his 3rd birthday, a milestone that was nearly unthinkable a year and a half ago when he was so frail. As you can see from the photos, Oliver is quite the character and is now gaining enough strength to walk and stand on his own for a little while!

Oliver is so loved by all members of his family. His granny in particular told us how very grateful she is that her grandson was given the chance for life thanks to supporters of our Unity Initiative.

The existence of our Unity Initiative gave this story a happy ending. We were honored to stand with Oliver and his mom and family during their time of need, and we hope to be able to say YES when the next family needs our help. That is why we are hoping to raise funds this week to help not just one but TWO children in need.

Unity surgeries cost an average of $5,000, and we have already raised enough to fund ONE surgery. Will you consider a donation in any amount to help us say YES to a second child like Oliver?

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