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We Stand With Families: Violet and Ophelia

In our efforts to support impoverished families who are desperate to find help for their critically ill children, LWB’s Unity Initiative provides life-changing surgeries for children in great need. Today, we are standing alongside two families from rural China.

Violet’s family reached out to us earlier this month. Their precious daughter was born in January and this summer was diagnosed with two heart defects:  Tetralogy of Fallot and patent foramen ovale (PFO). Doctors told her family she needed surgery immediately, but they had no way to pay for her operation. Violet’s father did not complete his education and works odd jobs in the village to support the six-member family, including his disabled father, ailing mother, wife, and two young children.

Learning that LWB could help them with Violet’s surgery lifted this family’s spirits and filled them with hope. Within two hours of learning that LWB was able to make treatment a reality for their girl, they traveled by train from the rural countryside to Hefei Children’s Hospital. Violet was turning a frightening shade of blue whenever she laughed or cried, and she couldn’t wait any longer.

Last week, Violet had her cardiac repair surgery and is still recovering. (Check out her newly-pink cheeks, though!)

We are proud to stand with sweet baby Violet her family.

The second child we are helping through our Unity Initiative is Ophelia, a lovely 21-month-old girl from rural Anhui, China. Ophelia was born with a VSD heart defect and pulmonary hypertension and since birth has suffered poor health, including frequent bouts of pneumonia resulting in three hospitalizations. The family did all they could to pay for her medical care, but surgery is needed to heal her heart and bring lasting health.

Her father is a single parent caring for Ophelia, her older brother and his two aging parents. He provides their only source of income for his family by working odd jobs. Ophelia’s family is greatly relieved and so thankful that she will have the chance to live a normal and healthy life. Her treatment plan is in process, and she should be having surgery very soon.

We are proud to stand with both Violet and Ophelia and their families. Will you stand with us?

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