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Welcome to LWB Community!

Welcome to LWB Community!

My name is Paige Mills-Haag, and as Love Without Boundaries’ Director of Operations I am thrilled to help launch our new LWB Community blog today! We recently decided to combine our two blogs — lifeofgiving and lwbstories — to one central blog source for all things LWB! Our vision for LWB Community is to engage current followers, welcome new supporters, and expand our community across the globe – volunteers, supporters, donors, adoptive parents, and people of all ages who have a heart for serving children. We hope to share inspirational stories as well as the greatest needs of the children, feature our wonderful volunteers who help make LWB’s mission possible, and establish an ongoing conversation with everyone who wants to follow our work in the world.

It’s a great honor to be part of LWB and experience firsthand the difference we make every day in the lives of orphaned children in China. LWB has some of the most compassionate, caring volunteers I’ve ever had the privilege to meet, and I feel profound gratitude for the hours of service each volunteer gives through their time and resources. I personally can’t think of a better way to spend a day than through positively impacting the life of a child…can you? Children truly are the future of our world.

I was recently asked to share a typical day as Director of Operations for LWB. I can start by sharing that no day is “typical” at LWB! Each day is unique – there are joys, challenges, celebrations, important decisions to be made, issues to be resolved, as well as fun and collaboration throughout the day.

My day usually begins in my remote office as I eagerly greet the morning with an Inbox full of emails. I just love that LWB has more than 150 volunteers from 10 countries interacting daily from their “virtual offices” to carry out the mission of LWB through email, Skype, Yahoo Groups, and social media outlets.

Every week I connect with nine wonderful LWB directors by phone or Skype for a one hour call to discuss programs, challenges, updates, issues, successes, finances, needs, etc. These calls take place throughout the week and are often the best part of my day because I get to hear firsthand all the wonderful things happening across our five programs as well as from our executive team. I am delighted to get to meet with Amy Eldridge each week for planning purposes, and am grateful we live close to one anther to make this possible. Some weeks are sprinkled with seminars on topics such as development/fundraising initiatives, while other weeks have provided the opportunity to meet in person with LWB directors with additional meetings scheduled over the next month. These face-to-face meetings have been so valuable!

Several of my ongoing projects are to create and implement an organizational and development plan and to develop new processes and policies that will help LWB run efficiently so that we can continue to be excellent stewards of our donors’ contributions. My contributions are focused on team development and leadership and the overall day-to-day business operations of LWB. And, of course, everywhere I go I love sharing about LWB, seeking every opportunity to spread the news about the life-changing events taking place for orphaned children in China!

(To read an interview with Paige, our Director of Operations, and see our highlights for February, check out LWB’s February newsletter!)

Paige Mills-Haag, Director of Operations, joined Love Without Boundaries in January 2010. Paige holds a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership/Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing. Paige’s professional experience encompasses nearly 20 years in the corporate world, including several years in the nonprofit sector, having held Director level positions in Marketing, Communications, Program Development, Management and Operations. Her compassion and love for children led her to volunteer for several youth-based organizations and seek employment that supports creating a better life for children throughout the world. Paige considers this to be her life’s work, and looks forward to many rewarding years with Love Without Boundaries. She resides in Oklahoma City with her husband Kim.

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