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Welcoming New Students to Jinjiang Believe in Me

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The Jinjiang Believe in Me (BIM) School is something special.  Children with special needs who are unable to attend a regular public school participate in meaningful educational activities that allow children to grow both cognitively and emotionally. Jinjiang BIM teachers receive specialized training to help their students reach their full potential.

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In addition to providing educational opportunities, the Jinjiang BIM School offers healthy foods to its students through a nutrition program funded by generous sponsors. This program positively influences a student’s development by improving both academic learning and in-school behavior. Adequate nutrition is important for the success of these students.

BIM Jinjiang snack
Recently, we were happy to welcome several new students to the Jinjiang BIM School, and we are in need of more sponsors. Read on to meet some of these wonderful children!


David is an active two year old with a club foot who loves to stay busy. He especially loves to move things—chairs, boxes, toys, and anything else he can manage! David has adjusted well to school and has a strong ability to learn.


Felix is another two year old student. He has Down Syndrome and enjoys attending school. He looks up to older students, enjoys snack time, and loves to play ball. He is learning the skills necessary to succeed in his classroom.


Lydia is a healthy five year old who is quiet, but has made friends in class with the help of her teachers. She especially loves music and art.


Cindy, at 18 months is one of the newest students at the Jinjiang Believe In Me School. When she first came to class, she was wary of strangers and would cry. She is now adapting well to the classroom. She enjoys playing with the other children, and can follow instructions. Cindy loves music and claps along with the songs.


Jake, who has cerebral palsy, is almost two years old and is benefiting from school. He is beginning to learn appropriate social skills, as well as his numbers, characters, colors and shapes.

BIM Jinjiang group

Our hope for all of the students at the Jinjiang’s Believe in Me School is to have the brightest future possible. Our school provides these deserving students with the skills to help them succeed in school and in life. Please consider sponsoring one of these amazing children so that they may continue growing and learning.

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