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Wendy Marie: Let Love Shine

Many of the babies we take into our healing homes are extremely fragile when they arrive, and it’s clear from their photos that they need intensive one-on-one care to even survive.  This week we shared the story of little Jerome, one of the babies your kindness helped save.  Others, however, come into our hands perhaps looking healthy in their pictures, but actually in need of lots of TLC to have a chance at catching up and finding a home through adoption.

That was certainly the case with Wendy Marie, whose intake photo showed a sweet little girl with beautiful chubby cheeks. Her orphanage had called us because at seven months old, this beautiful little girl still couldn’t hold up her head and was extremely weak overall. It was believed that she had been a preemie and had suffered some bleeding in the brain because of it.

We welcomed Wendy Marie to our Heartbridge Healing Home, and our nannies got straight to work with regular feedings and lots of hugs.

Our nannies carried Wendy Marie around the home so she could see the other babies and begin to build her trunk strength. Since she had spent so many hours each day lying in an orphanage crib, it was quite difficult for her at first. But day by day she grew a bit stronger.

Tummy time is a regular part of a baby’s day in our healing home, and this proved to a be a big challenge for Wendy Marie. The nannies would hold out toys to try and get her attention, but even at eight months of age, she had a very hard time raising her body up.

The nannies patiently worked with Wendy Marie to sit up for longer and longer periods of time, with a lot of support and encouragement of course.

Wendy Marie is such a sweet and gentle baby while doing her “exercises,” but she is definitely happiest when simply being held. We think this photo sure says “contentment.”

And while we know that her transformation might not look as dramatic as some of the other children in our home, we recently celebrated in a huge way when Wendy Marie, now nine months old, was finally able to lift that beautiful head high.

Your support allows us to cheer on the children in our programs with every step they take on their healing journey.

Our annual giving theme this year is Let Love Shine, and your love and concern for vulnerable children like Wendy Marie truly allows them to shine in their own unique ways. You are bringing hope to those in need, one precious life at a time.


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