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We’re Drooling For Your Bibs!

Theo 4-19-12

With our 2014 cleft exchange quickly approaching there are many details that need to be finalized. The end result — dozens of sweet children receiving cleft surgery from experienced medical staff — is definitely worth all of the careful planning. This surgery will be life-changing in so many ways. Not only will the children have fantastic new smiles, but they will also be better able to eat and drink , which gives them a chance to get the proper amount of nutrition in their little tummies for normal growth and development.


These surgeries are not a walk in the park. They are tough for the medical staff and caregivers and of course even tougher on the children undergoing surgery. Has your child ever been sick or gone through a medical procedure and you had something special for them afterwards as a sort of reward? We would like your help in providing something extra special for the children that will receive cleft surgery during this upcoming exchange…BIBS!

We need bibs – and lots of them! We would be very grateful for donations of handmade bibs and warm hats. Not only would a new hat or bib make a child feel a little better – the children’s caretakers love receiving them and scurry to pick out the one that they feel best suits their little one. They appreciate the love and care that goes into a handmade bib and will chose a handmade bib over a store-purchased one.

handmade bibs


If you enjoy sewing and would like to donate a little piece of yourself to brighten the life of a child undergoing surgery, we are only too happy to deliver them during our April 2014 Cleft Exchange. No particular pattern is required (there are many free patterns available on the internet), although terrycloth or flannel makes the bibs extra absorbent, and Velcro makes getting them on and off a little easier. We ask for colorful bibs because white, being associated with death in Asian cultures, is not used for babies. This could be a great service project for a group.

If you would consider including a donation along with the bibs and/or hats that could be used for formula or cereal for the babies, we would be grateful.  Even $5 or $10 can help feed a child while they are in the hospital!

Anna and bibsCheck out these bibs made by Anna –what a beautiful design!

JessbibsHere is Jess modeling one of 30 bibs she made all by herself!

Our deadline for receiving the handmade bibs and hats is April 1, 2014. For more information about this project, contact Nancy Williams at nancy.williams@lwbmail.com.


We are also in need of gently used No-Nos, or arm restraints like those seen in the above photo, for the 2014 cleft exchange. Children wear these restraints after surgery and continue to for several weeks while their lip repair heals. Again, Nancy Williams is the contact person for more information about where they may be sent.

Thank you in advance for your donations. They make a huge — and colorful — difference in the lives of these children!

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  • Angellinda says:

    In ’09 my husband lost his job. In 2010 I got Disabling Triple Negative Breast Cancer. We to date have Zero income & hard times. If I could help by sending bibs my grand children never used. Where would I send them? Postage fees are my main concern. Having zero income! Your kind favor to reply is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • chinalwb says:

    You can email Nancy Williams at nancy.williams@lwbmail.com for more information on hats, bibs, and where to send them! Thanks so much!

  • lienie says:

    Yes I would love to do something. I can knit, crotchet and sew. Hope to get a good few items ready by April 1. very happy to help.

  • Suz says:

    Is this an ongoing need? I will not be able to help with the current deadline, but would love to make bibs over the summer to donate for the next round.

  • Debbie says:

    I have some hats. Where can I send them!? email me. hitech@eastlink.ca