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We’re Number One!

Last week I was checking emails from Cindy’s latest orphanage visit, and I was startled to see a very familiar name on one of the photographs. One beautiful little girl has the same Chinese name as my own daughter, Emily, and of course that made me sit up and take notice.

Since my daughter was born with a hand difference, I was particularly drawn to this little girl who was born with cleft hands and feet. I had to show Emily how she was giving the “We’re number one” sign. She agreed that this was the perfect sign for such a special little girl!

I wrote back to Cindy immediately to find out if this little girl might have the chance to be adopted. Cindy said she was a very sweet child and that she would indeed be registered for adoption soon. “She had a beautiful smile on her face, and she could use her only finger on both hands to hold her bottle!” I remember meeting another little girl with similar hands last year and how she could easily grab a cookie with that one finger. That seems to be the way it is with limb differences; the things that look difficult are easily handled by a child who naturally learned the best way to do things on his or her own.

Hopefully it won’t be long until this little angel shows up on an agency list or the shared list for children with special needs. So if you are open to limb differences and see a lovely girl with cleft hands and feet, you’ll know you may have found our little sweetheart. To talk with other parents who have been through the whole process, a great resource is the ACWLD email group for parents who have adopted children with limb differences: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AdoptingChildrenWithLimbDifferences/

Jan Champoux
Nutrition Director

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