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We’re Number One!

When we received the photos from our Sanmenxia foster care manager this month, we were tickled to see that the kids there have learned a new hand gesture.  Instead of the usual two-fingered “peace” sign so commonly seen in photos these days, three of our children are now telling us that they’re “Number One”!


Geoff is new to our Sanmenxia foster care program.  However, he may not be with us too long as we have learned he has been matched to a family — always #1 news!


Bobby, however, has been waiting for a forever family for quite a while.  He is four years old and is very imaginative and talkative.  Bobby’s left ear is malformed which has caused hearing loss in his left ear, and he’s had successful heart surgery to treat congenital heart disease.  He is described as being very polite and loves to help his foster mother when guests come over.  He also is said to be math-oriented and is already learning to read Chinese characters!  You can read more about him in the blog, “Bobby, Brimming with Creativity“.


Daniel is great friends with his Bobby as their foster mothers are neighbors.  He is six years old and has a wonderful outgoing, happy personality which is pretty evident!  He is lively and has a strong desire to learn like other children; he really likes art and math class and loves being read to.  Daniel also likes to please his foster parents. Our foster care team met him last fall and found him to be delightful.  Read more about Daniel in our blog, “Daniel Can“. He underwent testing recently and it was determined that he does NOT have cerebral palsy!  We are waiting for his medical file to be updated.


We think these boys are tops!

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