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Westerners and their Wacky (but fun) Ideas

We have INCREDIBLE facilitators in China, who pour their heart and soul into assisting orphaned children in China. None of our programs would work without the amazing dedication of our China LWB team. They are so professional and oh so understanding of us when we come up with new ideas on ways to help the kids. Today, however, I think we have hit a new high (or is that low?) in ways to raise essential funds for our mobile medical unit.

Today as Julie, Arlene, and Maire were making a mobile medical run in Anhui, they were sharing with one of our dedicated team members that they will soon be having an LWB “men’s leg hair waxing” in Ireland to raise funds for the children. (note the word “wacky” in the subject line). Well, in true 3 women against one man style (ha ha), they coerced our poor facilitator into agreeing to be the first Chinese man to be a part of this. They convinced him that we could find 50 donors who would each donate $20 in order to see this happen for the kids, which would mean having his legs waxed would bring in $1000 for the children!

Julie sends the following message: “If you could pledge your sponsorship soon we might have the pleasure of waxing him on the last day 🙂 Wicked aren’t we!! We have been making him tell all at every official banquet we have attended and now many orphanages are rooting him on! Remember $1000 is a lot of money for the kids! He will be so proud (and probably sore), but no pain, no gain! And it is for a GREAT cause.”

If you could meet this wonderful and kind man, you would know that this is way out of his comfort zone. I think women should donate because this is just so funny that this poor, unsuspecting guy has agreed to this and I think men should donate out of sympathy! All for the kids!

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