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What Can Come Next: A Visit to JD

While many children in LWB programs are adopted, there are even more who will never have that opportunity. LWB’s Secondary and Higher Education Program is committed to helping these older children better their lives through education.  Secondary (junior high and high school) and post secondary (vocational and college) education is cost prohibitive for many children with whom we come into contact. Our new blog series, “What Can Come Next,” shines the spotlight on some of the children being helped by the sponsors of the Secondary and Higher Education Program.  This week we hope you’ll enjoy reading about JD and a visit to his river town.

Some of you may remember JD from LWB’s Top Ten Photos of 2011 or from the blog where we introduced him, “Pride In a Job Well Done.” He is enrolled in our education program, and Teacher Mao, his tutor, visits him regularly. Here are some of Teacher Mao’s observations from a summer visit with JD and his grandmother:

Today I went to visit JD and his grandma. I bought some noodles, ham, and spicy soy sauce in a shop on Yellow Mud Street as my gifts to them. I took a ferry boat as usual. The river’s water had risen due to a flood. For safety we had to wear life jackets while we were on the boat. There are some fences on the river bank, and a video camera was installed as well. Now it is safer for the students to take boats.

When I got to his home, he was playing with his neighbor friends. He was so happy to see me! The neighbors were so happy too. They all joked with me and said I was his “Daddy.”

His grandma was at home then, and she looked healthy and happy. It seems that she has had no major health changes, but her hearing was getting worse. I had to speak very loudly to her. Most of JD’s summer vacation was spent playing with his neighbors, fishing, watching TV and reading books. Compared with the other kids, JD has more responsibility because he has to cook for himself and his grandma. He has learned to do many things independently. His hair is growing longer, so I gave him the money and told him to go to a hair salon to have his hair cut. I gave him some pocket money too. He said he would not spend the money without a good purpose.

I took a few photos of JD’s home and kitchen to share with his sponsors.
JD’s house

JD’s kitchen

Snails for dinner!

This June JD graduated from his elementary school. He is growing taller and stronger and is looking forward to his middle school life. Before middle school starts, I will send some clothes to him. His clothes look very old and worn out.

~Teacher Mao, middle school teacher and advocate for JD

For $20 a month, you can sponsor JD and receive updates on his progress in middle school! To see more students in need of sponsors, please visit LWB’s Education sponsorship page.

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