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What Can Come Next: A Way Out of Poverty

This is a story of two siblings who have long been struggling to escape poverty. They are so very smart and are doing everything they can to stay in school, despite all the odds they are facing. Their family’s story is one of both happiness and struggle.

Gui and her mother

After the mother and father fell in love, they returned back to his Hunan hometown to start a family. They had their daughter, Gui, shortly after their marriage. Three years later, they had her younger brother Lee. Mom worked in the fields while the father worked as a laborer in a construction site. In addition to caring for their children, this couple also had their paternal grandparents and maternal grandmother living with them, giving them a total of seven people to care for. The entire family lived a simple but beautiful life until the day Gui and Lee’s father tragically fell to his death while laying the tiles for a rooftop in the village.

The Family’s Home

With the sole responsibility of caring for three grandparents and two children, Gui and Lee’s mom had no choice but to travel to a different city to work to support the entire family. Now in their 90s, the grandparents are too frail to help and have become another huge responsibility for Gui, Lee, and their mother.

Lee in school

To add to this heartbreaking story, Gui and Lee have no money at all to pay for their school tuition, room and board or food.  They are at the top of their class academically and could have a bright future ahead of them…if only they could find a way to pay for their educational expenses.  They should be worrying about studying, their future college years, and re-writing their destiny.  Instead, they are faced with the daily challenges of caring for their grandparents and surviving day to day while their mother does what she must to support all five of them.

Mother and son

This family’s life is filled with enormous pressure. What little money the family does have goes to food for the grandparents, Gui, and Lee. There is no money for anything else.

However, it is possible for this family’s fate to be changed! With your donation, these precious, talented children WILL attend school when the second semester starts after Chinese New Year, and they WILL make something greater out of their lives. Thank you for helping to mold their lives and their community’s future!

To sponsor Lee or Gui, please visit their sponsor pages.

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  • roomforatleastonemore says:

    And now I’m crying happy tears too! Wow, their Momma must be incredibly proud of them. I am proud of them and I don’t even know them. They are beautiful people and the world is a better place to have them in it!