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What Can Come Next: Rekindling the Fire of Hope

Sometimes you don’t realize how much you mean to someone until they are pouring out their hearts in a time of despair.  Difficult times can shine a brighter light on the value of our Secondary and Higher Education sponsors and the hope they can provide when our students’ lives seem full of obstacles and tragedy.

This summer we heard from Lucas, seen above, who recently graduated from high school with the help of his LWB sponsors. He passed the gaokao and is enrolling in a medical university due to his excellent grades and test scores. Lucas’s future appeared brighter.  Things were looking up and his dreams were coming true…until July 15th, when his mother, his last living elder, passed away from lung cancer. Lucas wrote his sponsors a letter about his mother’s passing and his desire to become successful to honor his parents:

My mother’s death was one of the saddest days of my life. My mother was not able to live long enough to hear that I was enrolled in University; she has left my sister Lucy and me forever. I promise that I will study hard to learn about the medical profession to relieve my patients’ sufferings. I will repay society, and I will make my parents proud – even though they are not on this earth any longer.

Steve and Lucy, Lucas’ sister

Lucas’s darkest days were filled with some hope:

I am starting school on September 10th, and I am not afraid.  My wonderful “Uncle Steve” (our China manager for the Secondary and Higher Education program) has given me a great contact, and I will work at the Red Cross. I am full of hope for the future.  I will never forget about everyone at LWB who has helped me during my most difficult times and rekindled my fire of hope.

Lucas will receive a small stipend from LWB to help with his books and food, and his tuition will be paid by a government grant.  Without sponsor funding and letters of encouragement, Lucas’ darkest days could have been the end of his education.  He could have seen no hope, no future, no reason to go on, but instead he has a wonderful “uncle” in whom he can confide.  He also has the love in his heart from his sponsors halfway around the world. We could never say enough to thank our amazing Secondary and Higher Education sponsors.

Lucas ended his letter by stating that he often encourages his sister Lucy to study hard and get good grades in order to repay the kindhearted people who believe in them. Lucy is in her last year of high school and is a current LWB Secondary and Higher Education student who does not have enough funding to finish her final year of school and take the gaokao.

Won’t you ensure that these precious children know they are still loved, even though they have lost all the people on this earth who mattered most to  them? Won’t you be that kind-hearted person Lucas tells Lucy about and consider sponsoring them?  Your donation in any amount will help provide for brighter futures for both Lucas and Lucy.

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