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What Can Come Next: Secondary and Higher Education

Have you ever wondered what happens to the precious children who age out of the adoption process? Children with dreams of becoming nurses, dentists, teachers? Children whose dream changes from having a mom and dad to a dream of one day being called “mom” or “dad” by a child of their own? Where do they go, who helps them succeed in life, and what becomes of their future?

LWB’s Education Program is thankful for our sponsors who care so very much about these older children (typically ages 14 and over). We are proud to bring you stories of the lives we have seen changed through our Secondary and Higher Education Program. These stories will all be a part of a new series entitled “What Can Come Next: Secondary and Higher Education.”  Not all of these children are orphaned, but all are in need of support to be able to afford high school and university education in China.

Today we want to tell you about Dan, a sweet young man new to our program, who was desperately in need of new hearing aids.  His aids were so old they were falling apart, and he could barely hear. Last week we were blessed with some incredibly generous sponsors who funded his hearing aids! Our China Education Director, Yvonne, met Dan on Friday to present him with the aids and get them perfectly set for him.

The photos Yvonne sent show the sheer happiness for everyone involved. Even the store manager, who gave us a huge discount on the aids, looks so happy! Generosity brings such joy, doesn’t it?

LWB’s education team is fortunate to have the opportunity to help some wonderful children who, due to circumstances well beyond their or our control, will never be adopted. To allow them some normalcy in life is such a huge blessing, and we are very proud of our Secondary and Higher Education Program and the opportunities it affords these children. A number of sponsorship opportunities exist for these hard-working older students.

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