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What Can Come Next: Wendy’s Bright Future

During Wendy’s final year of high school, her family experienced dramatic life and financial changes.  Her father lost his job and had to leave their small community to try and find work, and as a result Wendy was sent to live with her ailing grandmother.  Her new home had a leaking roof and no electricity and was built on dirt floors .  There was barely enough money for food, and certainly no money for Wendy to continue her education.

Wendy’s future appeared to be brighter when her family learned about LWB’s Secondary and Higher Education Program.  This bright girl, who was at the top of her class, was awarded a scholarship to continue high school.  Halfway through this final year of school, however, Wendy’s grandmother became very ill and needed life-saving surgery – an expense, although not significant by American standards, that would be impossible to afford.  Wendy told her LWB manager that she would be quitting school so that she could go home to find a job to pay for her grandma’s surgery.

A miracle of sorts occurred when a few loyal LWB sponsors discovered Wendy’s situation and paid for her grandma’s surgery.  These sponsors told us that they couldn’t stand the thought of Wendy’s entire future being destroyed over a few hundred dollars for a surgery, and that they would do anything in their power to help her.  Truly they did just that, because Wendy was able to finish high school, pass the gaokao (college entrance exam) with high marks, and was recently accepted into nursing school!

Now Wendy’s future is bright, and her dreams are being fulfilled.  With a lot of hard work and immense dedication, Wendy will be able to become a nurse in a few years.

Helping Wendy means helping not just this lovely girl but her family and her community as well.  It will also hopefully teach her more about the love and generosity that can be found in the world.  We are currently seeking sponsors of $20 per month for Wendy’s college tuition.  Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to write to Wendy and encourage her through this journey?  To find out more, please visit her sponsorship page. You can make a significant difference in her life today!

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