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What Do Fancy Red Hats and 4th Graders Have In Common?

Mrs. Biggs has every reason to be beaming with pride. In December, her 4th grade class chose Ping as the child they wanted to commit to praying for over the coming months.

Ping is a four-month-old baby boy born with a gastrointestinal defect. He is currently a resident of LWB’s Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit, where he will remain over the course of the surgical repair process.

Not long after they had chosen Ping the class went on a holiday field trip to see the “Nutcracker.” On the way, Mrs. Biggs told one of the moms that she wanted to do some kind of collection for Ping but had been told she couldn’t, at least not this year. The school administration didn’t want to burden parents with any more costs because of the struggling economy. The “Nutcracker” was wonderful, as expected, and the children enjoyed it very much. As they were pulling out of the parking lot, expecting to pay the money they had allotted for parking, they were surprised when the attendant waved them on. No fee?!

From there the class went to the Olive Garden Restaurant for lunch. There was a table of ladies from the Red Hat Society eating in the same room with the students. These sweet ladies were so impressed with the students’ good behavior that they paid $20 of the students’ lunch bill.

Mrs. Biggs writes:

“So you see, even though I started off the day discouraged that there wasn’t more we could do for Ping, God proved faithful by providing for Ping in ways we never could have anticipated. That day God had used a parking lot attendant and a few ladies in fancy red hats to show these children that He had heard their prayers. God’s word says He is faithful to provide when we desire to help (Proverbs 19:17). It was a wonderful blessing to both my kids and myself to be able to provide for Ping in a tangible way.”

Thank you, 4th graders. Way to change the world… one child at a time.

Thank you as well to Mrs. Varner’s class who has committed to praying for Xuan, also at Heartbridge.

Wendy Petersen RN
Heartbridge Coordinator

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