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What Is Adoption? A Child’s Perspective

This past summer, LWB intern Fang Lee interviewed children from orphanages in four provinces of China to see what they knew about international adoption. We have created a new video called, “What is Adoption?” that summarizes some of their answers. We hope potential adoptive parents will take the time to watch it and realize that most children growing up in orphanages know very little about adoption.

These children have been told very little about people wanting with all their hearts to bring a child home to love forever. They often have no idea that a family looked at their photo for months or years before finally meeting them to bring them home. They are often not told they have been chosen for adoption until a few days or immediately before they are taken to meet their new family. This may make sense in an institution where telling a child his or her life is about to change drastically may cause too much disruption, fear and possible behavioral issues.

A loving, open, and understanding compassionate heart is the greatest tool any parent can bring to the table.

We invite you to share this video with anyone you know who is interested in adoption. We hope it can be an educational tool to help adults better understand that most children, even those who are older, truly aren’t aware of what adoption even means.

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