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What Would You Do With $100 in Change?

What do you do with $100 in change?

Our daughter had been stuffing spare change into a digital piggybank for about a year. The brimming bank was just cents short of $100 and she was eager to do something with it. Like any six year old, there was no shortage of ideas on her list.

When we read about LWB’s Send Formula to Any Orphanage program, the story tapped into her concern for “all the babies still in China.” The idea that she could send food for little tummies, pictures of herself and a personal message to the children at her orphanage delighted her. The decision was made.

We counted the change together, packaged it into coin sleeves, and with a smile of visible satisfaction on her face, made the donation.

Weeks later she was tickled to receive a keepsake certificate and a photo of the children at Gaoyou SWI with the formula she’d sent.

You can read more about the Send Formula for Any Orphanage program at: http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/nutrition_gen_nutrition_send_formula.cfm

Deb Mann is Co-Coordinator for Love Without Boundaries’ “Born In My Heart” Art Auction. She lives in Idaho, USA, with her husband Mike. They have 3 grown sons and a beautiful Jiangsu daughter, who was adopted from China in 2003.

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