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Where There’s a “Will,” There’s a Way

This handsome young man is Will, formerly a resident of LWB’s Anhui Cleft Healing Home (ACHH) where his precious life was saved! After recovering enough to be discharged from ACHH, Will now lives in the area of Anhui that we’ve named “Zhang Village.”   Zhang Village is a tightly-knit community of foster families who take wonderful care of children who need a bit of extra tender love and care. Currently we are waiting on news that Will’s file has shown up on the shared list. We feel that this will happen very soon and hope a loving family will come forward for him. In the meantime, we need to help Will’s foster family pay for him to attend kindergarten so he can continue to grow and develop as he prepares for life with his forever family.

We hope that this will be Will’s last year in Zhang Village, and we want to make it a great one! If you are interested in being a sponsor, please visit his sponsor page. For $20 per month, you can help Will enjoy his kindergarten year, and in return you will receive quarterly updates on his progress, including new photos. As the saying goes “Where there’s a ‘Will’ there’s a way,” — so please help Will find his way and be prepared for his future family!

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