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Why Did You Adopt From China?

“Why did you go all the way to China to adopt when there are so many needy children right here in our own country?”

For many of you who have adopted a child from China, this question is one you’ve most likely been asked at least once. There is no doubt that this is an excellent question. The answer you give can potentially educate interested people about the needs of children in China as well as shed some light on the state of adoption in your own country. So we would like to know…how do you respond when you hear this question?

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  • Yoli says:

    We wanted to be parents and our children happen to have been in China. No other explanation is offered by us. Like Michal above said, this kind of questioning is usually from the curious not from people who are seriously considering adoption. I even venture to say that this question is used to pass judgement on something the person who usually asks, knows nothing about.

  • Michal Dillon says:

    I usually tell folks that my heart had no concept of Political Boundaries, that my heart knew where my children were. I also try to follow that up by saying that there is no way one family can possibly save every child in the world and that I had to go with the process that I knew was best for me and my husband.
    I could go on and on talking about the different processes in the different countries but I don’t. I say that China has a stable, well run program. That the surprises are kept to a minimum and that well, when a child needs a home, does it matter where they are waiting? I try to let people see that we can look beyond our own borders and find ways to help.
    In my experiences, the folks that ask this question are asking because they are simply curious about a family that looks different. I have NEVER been asked this question by anyone who was even remotely considering adoption.

  • Beach Mama says:

    I can honestly answer that question that it was “all God!” Looking back on all that transpired from the first time God tugged at my heart and indicated adoption from China as a way to add to our family; to the day we held our daughter in arms, there is no other explanation.