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Wild Persimmons

Spending a late afternoon picking wild persimmons amidst the beauty of the rural China landscape… that is something our foster parents do in our new program in Sanmenxia.

We were very thankful this Thanksgiving as Peter, our Associate China Foster Care Director, and Han Fei, Sanmenxia’s Foster Care Manager, went to Sanmenxia to visit all the children in our new foster care program there. They were able to get some great information on the kids and wonderful pictures. I was delighted to not only see the pictures of the children, but also the photos of Sanmenxia. What a beautiful city!

There are many mountains in Sanmenxia. The Yellow River is shown here.

I am fascinated by the tiered farming they do in the region.

It is not every day that you see hot chili peppers growing along a wall.

I hope Alivia and her foster grandmother like bananas.

Noah looks like a happy little boy and look at the love on the lady’s face watching him.

Isn’t Dessie adorable? If it weren’t for the food in her hand I would think she was blowing us a kiss.

Sanmenxia Foster Care is off to a great start! I am looking forward to learning more about Sanmenxia and the children there. They seem to be so happy in their foster homes.

Kristen Braxton
Sanmenxia Foster Care Coordinator

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