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Winter Update

Hi everyone,
We have been asked by many people if the orphanages we work in have any major needs due to the storm last week in China, and I just wanted to thank everyone for their concern.
We checked on all of our programs right away, and we are happy to report that they are doing very well, and the kids are really looking forward to their new year celebrations.
We are so grateful to our sponsors who provided new coats to all the children in our foster care and school programs this fall, as well as the donors who provided new heaters as well. We know that made a huge difference when the snow started falling.
The Fuyang orphanage in Anhui has made a request for coal assistance if possible. They have a simple radiator type heating system that we installed last year, and it requires coal to boil the water that circulates through the rooms. They have used up so much more coal than budgeted due to the cold temperatures, but they are happy to report that the babies are staying nice and warm so far.
Thanks again for all of your concerns for the children. We are so happy that the kids are doing well.

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