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Wishes Come True

Let me tell you all a story … Little Rosa came to my screen and into my mind on 13th Dec 05 . Funny just looking at that date now makes me intake a breath …13 is my lucky number. I smile and think of China and numbers and cultural connection to luck associated with numbers 🙂
Rose stared out at me from that first report sitting on her Foster Mom’s knee her head tilted to the right in what I now know as “her” stance in most all photos received over these last 2 years.
As I scanned over the report I wondered about her foster parents, trying to “get to know them” through that one photo. Trying to place this child and her parents in my mind. One of many children in Loudi foster care at that time.

I remembered on a visit I had made a month earlier that I had met a little girl with special needs matching hers …I scanned my photos to see, match and understand. Little Rosa did stand out more than others because she came with some very special needs listed.

Time moved on and I went on several more visits to the program. Little Rosa became one of the constants in those visits as I wrestled to recognize the other newer children. Every time I received her report I would be overjoyed with her constant progress. Sitting on my sitting-room sofa I’d shout her updates out to my husband working in the other room, and would say yet again that I wanted her to have the chance of adoption …but her Special need would probably make that impossible. Every time I finished my hollering to my husband I sent a wish for her to get the chance.

Then it happened!!

I visited Little Rosa last March and said my goodbyes. I gave her a Princess dress that my Loudi daughter Lian had worn.

Well in Sept I received word from her Mom then in China …now the proud adoptive Mom to our little Rosa. Can any of you imagine my emotions when I read, “We got quite a bit of information and the foster family sent a photo album with a number of pictures (including the one of her in the princess dress you told me about). The ladies told us that she wanted to wear her princess dress all the time which I was happy to hear since everyone knows I wanted a girly girl. This morning when she and her brother woke up at 6 a.m. and it was still dark I peeked over the side of my bed and saw them holding hands. Then he gave Rosa’s hand a kiss and she gave his hand a kiss back. It was just so sweet” .

I end my story with Rosa’s new life emerging. The center of attention at this year’s Thanksgiving dinner as she is the only girl in her home of doting uncles and brother. She had amazing Foster Parents who have loved her and taught her well. She had people in her orphanage who gave her the chance first of a foster family to call her own, and the gift of the very BEST family in the world…..her forever one.

…Sometimes those wishes do come true.

Julie Flynn Coleman

LWB Foster Care

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