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Wishing for Fynn a Forever Family

Somersaults, building with blocks, riding bikes, playing in the sand, and learning how to make new friends:  precisely what childhood should be filled with.  But what is missing from this picture? A permanent family.

Some orphaned children like Fynn are fortunate to be placed with a foster family. They get to experience life in a family environment, which is a great second to having a permanent family.

Five-year-old Fynn seems happy. He is learning colors, gets to play with foster siblings, and go shopping with his foster mom. His days are filled with meals of noodles, bread, milk, meat, and veggies. He enjoys playing outside in the fresh air. Fynn has a foster mom who encourages him to try new things. During this year’s Mid-Autumn celebration, Fynn’s foster mom gave him a mooncake, which he did not want to eat, but she kept asking him to try it. Fynn tasted a little, decided it was indeed delicious, and ate it all up. His foster mom was happy and proud of him for trying.

When Fynn arrived in foster care in Guangdong, he was very shy and didn’t have much confidence.  Although he is still quite serious when a camera is involved, our reports say that he is gaining confidence and playing well with other children, not letting his speech and language delays keep him from having fun.  He’s a good big brother to his little foster sister, and our manager describes him as having a mild and lovely personality.

Reading reports like Fynn’s make me feel happy as it appears he is enjoying his childhood. However, foster families are not always forever. We cannot guarantee that Fynn will always be with a family who provides him the basic needs and helps to put a smile on his face.

I will be wishing for permanence for Fynn and other children who are spending the holidays without their forever familes this year.  My wish is for them to be joined together by next year. These happy childhood feelings deserve to last forever!

Please contact us if you would like more information about sweet Fynn.

~Meg Montgomery, Adoption Advocacy Coordinator

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact adoptionassistance@lwbmail.com with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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