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Wonderful Willetha

Willetha Sanmenxia

Willetha entered LWB’s Sanmenxia Foster Care Program just after her first birthday. She grew by leaps and bounds within a very short time of being with her foster family! Not only did she begin to crawl, but she began climbing on furniture and attempting to stand independently. Living with her loving foster family allowed her to get constant attention and guidance, especially from her foster mother who remains home with her during the day.

willetha  june

While still in the orphanage, Willetha was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, but she has not shown any symptons of the disease. We will of course continue to watch her carefully.


Willetha is now working on taking her first steps, and we are confident she will be walking in no time.


Willetha’s foster mother believes she is a very smart baby. She already knows many of the names of items from the photo cards her foster mother uses as a teaching tool. When her foster mother shows her a picture of an egg, Willetha will yell out “egg.” When her foster mother shows her a picture of a comb, Willetha will start to touch her hair to imitate brushing her hair. Willetha’s language skills have greatly increased with the prompting of her foster mother, who speaks to her constantly. No longer a silent baby, Willetha is constantly babbling or “talking,” as her foster mother refers to it. She is a typical toddler in that she will say “no” when she does not like something.


Willetha is attached to her foster mother and does not like to be separated from her. The two share a special bond. With her foster mother’s help and guidance, we are confident that Willetha will continue to blossom and grow. We are very grateful to our foster care families and our supporters for providing Willetha and other children the gift of family.

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