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Words From a Thankful Mother

Zi Xuan and his twin brother were born prematurely on February 14.  Sadly, Zi Xuan’s twin passed away, and the surviving brother spent several weeks in an infant incubator in the hospital.  He was diagnosed with biliary atresia, which caused severe jaundice.

Zi Xuan intake 2

Zi Xuan’s father is the only able-bodied worker in the family, and he had to remain in their hometown in Guangdong province to work while his wife and newborn son went to Shanghai in search of medical care.  His father also worked hard to ask friends and relatives for money to borrow to pay their medical expenses.  When the first medical bill came, the family was able to scrape enough together to cover it, but when Zi Xuan was ready to be discharged two months after his birth, his mother was handed the final bill.  She wrote this in her note to us:

“Once thinking of such things, tears spontaneously rolled down my cheeks. Just at this moment, Mr Chen and Liping Wang from LWB came in.  Liping comforted me and told me that if I had some difficulty, maybe LWB could help…To be honest, I did not have much hope that one overseas foundation will help us, a common Chinese family.  However, later Liping told me very soon that LWB foundation agreed to fund us 10,000 RMB. When I know this, I cried again, joyfully and excitedly.

In the past three months, every moment is too tough and misfortunate for me, at the same time. I highly appreciate the help and sympathy from my relatives, friends, doctors and nurses, and especially for the great help from LWB.

As for me, I do not even know what you look like? And how old are you?  But I know you have a kind heart full of love. It is really fortunate for my son, Zi Xuan, to be helped by you. I will note down all these things for him and tell him when he grows up. I will let him know there are some kind-hearted people far far away from us in our most tough time.”

Yours, Mom of Two Sons

It is truly our honor to help families like Zi Xuan’s through our Unity Fund.  Our Unity Fund aims to help families remain together by providing financial assistance to rural families who are unable to pay for medical expenses for their children.

If you’re interested in helping us help families like Zi Xuan’s remain together, we would welcome your contribution to our Unity Fund.  We currently have three children and their families in need of sponsors:

XinYue5.7.14Xin Yue

Pretty little Xin Yue recently turned one year old. Since her birth, she’s been in and out of the hospital with pneumonia. She has been diagnosed with VSD, a congenital heart defect, that makes her weak and more susceptible to illness. On May 4th, Xin Yue went back into the hospital with pneumonia again and the doctors recommended she have surgery as soon as possible. Currently, Xin Yue is recovering.  Her family is poor, and their daughter’s medical bills are a huge burden.

Zhong_Xuan_for_web-280-280-cropZhong Xuan

Zhong Xuan was born in December to a poor family that was affected by the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. The family’s precious newborn son has already dealt with jaundice, pneumonia and congenital heart disease in his first few months. Zhong Xuan had heart surgery in April in Shanghai and was discharged out of the ICU a week later. However, in early May he was having difficulty breathing and underwent a second surgery. The cost of Zhong Xuan’s medical care so far is more than two years of the father’s salary.

ChenZeChen Ze

This sweet little one is almost ready for his third surgery to repair anal atresia. His family is quite poor and live in a rural area with few job opportunities. His family has used all of the money that they can gather for his first and second surgeries and have asked us if we could help them with this last surgery. He has been through a lot in his short life, but he is greatly loved by his parents.  We are so happy that they have reached out for help. $3,200 is needed to cover expenses for his care. His doctors say that he will be ready for this next step in early June.

Thank you for reading about these children in need.  We appreciate any and all support for them and their families!

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