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Working to Change Lives In India With Mission Smile

We are so honored and proud to be partnering with Mission Smile for their 100th medical mission in India. To celebrate, Mission Smile is performing 100 cleft repair surgeries in Kolkata this week, from March 15-20.

Mission Smile held a welcome press conference to kick off this remarkable milestone event.

LWB Board Member Don White is in Kolkata to help with patient intake. Don’s twin daughters were born with cleft lip, and he has a real passion for helping other children born with craniofacial differences. Don writes, “I am so blessed to be able to represent Love Without Boundaries. It is hard to believe that almost exactly 15 years ago we ran our first cleft repair mission in China, and my daughters, Sydney and Reagan, were the first kids ever treated on an LWB cleft trip. With that thought in the forefront of my mind, I am thinking about what other “Sydneys and Reagans” will be preparing for their life-changing surgeries.”

We are so grateful to our supporters, who have made it possible for us to expand our passion for helping children with cleft from China, to Cambodia, and now to India.

As this exciting week gets underway, please be thinking of the dedicated medical team and all the little patients who will be coming for care.

Like we always say…when we come together, united with the goal of helping children, the most AMAZING things occur.

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