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World Smile Day

October 2 is World Smile Day, and what better day to celebrate the improving dental hygiene of children in our Believe in Me orphanage schools!

BIM Jinjiang dental summer 2015

In most orphanages in China, dental care is not emphasized or provided. Children who do not receive proper care for their teeth are more likely to have dental and even severe health issues as they get older. To help address this problem, we began our Lifetime of Smiles Dental Care program.


As part of their school day, students learn about their mouth and teeth and the importance of good dental hygiene.

BIM Huainan dental 9.15

They are provided with toothbrushes and cups and are taught proper brushing techniques…and given many opportunities to practice!

Jorge brushing teeth 2015

BIM Changzhi dental 9.15

Tomas 9.15

Our hope is that some preventative care will go a long way to giving these amazing children a lifetime of smiles.

BIM Jinjiang dental2 Summer 2015

For just 10 cents a day, or $36.00 a YEAR , you can pay for an entire year of dental care for a child in our Believe in Me schools.  Please consider becoming a sponsor or even asking your family dental provider if he or she might like to become involved in preventive dental care in China for $36.00 a year.


What an exciting outcome for a relatively small investment!

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