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World Teachers’ Day

In celebration of World Teachers’ day, today we would like to honor the teachers in our Believe in Me orphanage schools.

World Teacher Day1

Imagine that you are a child in an orphanage in China, perhaps with a special need that makes you ineligible to attend a local public school because certain tasks are more difficult for you.

Thankfully, there is a Believe in Me school in your orphanage where each day, caring teachers plan engaging educational activities for you,

World Teacher Day2

help you develop your fine motor skills,

World Teacher Day3

and take you on outings to places you have never had the chance to go before.

World Teacher Day4

They show you where food is grown in your community and how it is purchased.

World Teacher Day5

They help you cook special meals.

World Teacher Day6

Your teachers serve you a nutritious snack daily,

World Teacher Day7

and they help you to brush your teeth and learn good hygiene skills.

BIM Huainan dental 9.15

They celebrate holidays and birthdays with you.

World Teacher Day8

World Teacher Day9

They take you places in your community that you otherwise might not have the chance to see.

World Teacher Day10

They seek ways to include ALL of your classmates in classroom activities, despite having the challenge of teaching widely differing ages and abilities.

World Teacher Day11

They keep your classroom clean and welcoming, and they are innovative in how they use their limited resources to provide materials and decorations for the classroom.

World Teacher Day12

World Teacher Day13

They put time into professional development, including working with LWB’s Teacher Training team, as they are eager to learn new teaching techniques and develop their skills as educators.

World Teacher Day14

They are active participants in your classroom activities, having fun alongside you as you play movement games and enjoy sensory activities that help develop your fine motor skills.

World Teacher Day15

World Teacher Day16

World Teacher Day17
Above all, your teachers are kind, nurturing and gentle leaders, helping you discover the wonder and richness of the world around you.

World Teacher Day18

When you sponsor one of our BIM students, your sponsorship goes towards supporting these amazing, hard-working educators.  You will receive regular updates on your student describing their progress in the classroom and detailing the activities they are doing at school. Please consider a monthly sponsorship to help give these children this opportunity. What a wonderful gesture to honor an influential teacher in your life!

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