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Wren moves to ACH for surgery!

I cannot believe that little Wren
now has some chipmunk cheeks!
Wren went to Anhui Children’s Hospital this week for cleft surgery! Wren is the last of the “founding” babies (babies who were in the home when it opened in March) to receive surgery, and we are very excited for her. She was one of the youngest and smallest babies brought to the home in March. She steadily gained weight and is now ready for surgery. We look forward to seeing her new smile!

There she is, bright-eyed, and beautiful, ready for a grand adventure…

…or maybe a nap

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  • Sara says:

    I just love reading about the children you are all loving, helping, caring for, and working with. It is amazing!! We are in the process of adopting a little 5yr.old boy from China (repaired cleft lip&palate)Will need further palatal revision surgery/ies…He is just beautiful..and so precious!!