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Xander: LWB’s Featured Child Of The Week

Just last week, an orphanage in Anhui contacted us about this sweet little guy named Xander. He had just come into their care at seven months old and was suffering from some kind of anorectal malformation.

Xander was immediately taken to the hospital, and doctors determined that he has a perineum fistula. This means that his anal passage is narrow and not located exactly where it should be. No wonder he looks a bit uncomfortable!

Xander will need surgery, but a few months of TLC from our Heartbridge Healing Home nannies will help him to grow stronger and better able to tolerate it. We were impressed to see that our nannies were able to coax a gorgeous smile out of Xander on his very first day!

While Xander soaks up the attention of our healing home nannies, we are working to raise the funds needed for his surgery. At this time, $5,295 is needed to cover the costs of his surgery, medical care, and salary of a caregiver who will tend to him while he is in the hospital.

We are grateful for the chance to care for Xander and appreciate donations from anyone who would like to be a part of his story of hope and healing!

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