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Xinyan, Henan on Women’s Day

We visited the site of LWB’s newest Foster Care program in Xinyang, Henan on Women’s Day which is a Chinese National Holiday. We got to met all their kids and fell in love. The staff there are very kind and Director Feng is so nice and so caring for the children.

We got to meet our foster care manager in Xinyang—Daisy, she is such a sweet young lady. We all think she will do a great job for our foster care program.

When we stepped into the preschool classroom, we saw all 6 children who will come into our program very soon. On taking out the snacks we brought for them, they all get together around us. Everyone of them get one bag of the snack and begun eating.

The funniest thing is you can see one child got 2 bags and while eating one bag he kept the other bag in his arm.

The other little boy who is in our foster care program is anxious to eat too, but he would rather have somebody else feed him instead of eat by himself. Nancy, the Associate Director of Foster Care was happy to lend a hand.

Another one of the foster care girls is shy upon on seeing us walk into their room. She ran back to the corner of the room. We noticed that she would not share the snacks until she finished 2 bags herself and decided she didn’t want the rest. Then she was very generous.

There is a beautiful little girl in our program who has vision problems and cannot see as well as the other kids. She liked the sound that was made when she crinkled the plastic bag. As soon as she finished one bag, she began play with the it. This little one touched our hearts. Although she cannot see very well, she tried very hard to use her eyes to make out our faces.

After all of them had finishing eating the snacks, one little girl saw the water in my hand and pointed it to me. Then I gave it to the teacher in this room to let them drink (most of them are cleft before palate surgery, so it might be dangerous for me to feed them water with no experience.) All of them are crazy about the water again. Yu is so anxious to drink that she kept pushing others out so that she can drink more.

The next day, we got meet all the HTS rocking nanny kids, of course they dance to us again. Nancy was so enjoying dancing with them you can tell.

We also got to visit the 3 families which might be the 6 kids foster care families very soon. All the 3 foster care moms have experience working in the SWI and they all live close to the SWI. During our visit to the families, our driver’s been so helpful carrying all of our purses. He is such a helper to us for the whole trip, even though he is more tired than us for driving the car.

Everyone of us kept saying he is such a “sweet guy”. I told him the English version of praise. He didn’t understand so we told him to ask his sister. His humor did gave us lots of laughter during our Xinyang trip.

Stephanie Wang
LWB China Foster Care Director

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