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Xinyang, Henan, Our Newest Foster Care Program

Our China Director, Stephanie Wang just returned from Xinyang, Henan after checking on the development of our newest foster care program. I am very happy to share with you what she had to say.

“The director of Xinyang CWI is a gentle man,who seems nice, and what I like about him most is that he cares about the kids there very much. He can easily call every child’s name, and on seeing him, most children were very excited and asked for hugs. He told me all 6 children’s papers have been filed for adoption. He showed me the pictures of the kids who have already been adopted; I can see he is so proud and happy for their forever home.”

Stephanie also got to meet our new Foster Care Manager, Daisy. Stephanie said that Daisy was not only beautiful but she was capable and had a open heart. I think that those are winning combinations for our work with children. She will be an incredible team member to check on the children and the families monthly, making sure that we are helping them succeed in their new family.

Stephanie wrote about a boy who in not in our foster care program but he could use some sun glasses. Heng is 10 year old and he studies in the local primary school in Xinyang. He works hard and has very good grades. But like all children with albinism, his eyes are very sensitive. We are hoping to get him some sunglasses (UV protected) that would fit a small boy. If you have a source for glasses, please email our Xinyang Foster Care Coordinator.

We have 10 families applying for the 3 openings that we have to care for our 6 children. This is wonderful news to have so many families to chose from in that we can hopefully get the best of the best families for our kids. Nancy Delpha, Associate Director of Foster Care, will be visiting Xinyang in mid-March. Hopefully Nancy will see the children placed in the homes during her visit.

We now have over 300 kids in foster care again…301 to be exact. It is never about the number of kids in our programs that matters. However it is nice to know that we are helping so many children know the love of a family. We wish that for all children. Our sponsor a child web page is bursting with kids. But every day we I have had to take off children thanks to new sponsors coming forward. I know we will soon we will get all of these children sponsored.

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