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Xinzhou Baby Boom

It’s a baby boom in Xinzhou!


Our Xinzhou foster care program in Jiangxi province has just received four new baby girls!  How exciting to see this program growing and taking more little ones into foster care.  These baby girls are so new that we only have one photo of each of them, and they haven’t yet learned to smile for the camera.  But don’t worry — we’re sure that we’ll be seeing smiles and open eyes from them soon enough.


Hannah has just joined her foster care family. She is nearly five months old and was born prematurely. She only weighed 1.08kg when she was taken in by the orphanage!


Alys is the youngest at just two months old.  She was a preemie and only weighed 1.7kg when she wasfound.


Adorable Jeni is just three months old and has Down’s Syndrome. We can’t wait to learn more about her in the coming months!


Five-month old Sanoah has cleft lip and palate.  Unfortunately, she is a bit underweight which meant that she was unable to have surgery during our recent cleft exchange.    We’re sure her foster mother will be working to put some weight on her as soon as possible so that she can have her surgery soon.

In addition to these four girls, we also have two bouncing baby boys in our program who could also use sponsors:  Caleb and David. You can see that they have blossomed after being in foster care since the fall.


Curious Caleb is one year old and has been in our foster care program since October 2013. He is babbling and learning to say simple words, and he loves grabbing anything that he can reach. Caleb’s eyes are described as “sparkling”, and everyone in the neighborhood wants to hold him. Caleb loves listening to music and being in his walker.  It’s quite obvious from his photo that he has a good appetite! Don’t you just love his round chubby cheeks?


David, who is looking quite serious in this photo, is nearly one year old. He was born prematurely and has hydrocephalus.  David loves going out with his foster granny.  He always gets a lot of attention from people, which he loves!

You can see all six of these children plus several older children from Xinzhou foster care on our foster care sponsorship page.  Each child is in need of a sponsor of $40 per month to help support them in foster care and allow them to experience the love and care that comes from being in a family.  Sponsors receive monthly photos and reports and will really get to enjoy seeing the changes that are in store for these six babies.

Thank you for considering becoming a part of these children’s stories!

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